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What is the meaning of Wet Stacking?

"Wet Stacking" happen when a diesel engine operates below the rated output level the engine starts over-fuel or "wet stack". Diesel engines are designed to operate with a load and operate more efficiently in the 70 to 80% range of rated output. When a volvo diesel generator operates for a long period of time below 40% it begins to over fuel. This happens because the injection tips begins to carbonize and disrupt the fuel spray pattern.

How to prevent wet stacking?
A automatic load bank is used in commercial generator systems where loads can vary and low output conditions can occur more frequently because of the different load applications. A load bank places a false load on the diesel generator system to keep the diesel engine properly loaded to prevent a wet stacking condition.

For small business or residential application wet stacking can be taken care with the use of an electric heater or other high load appliance to make sure the genset system is not allowed to operate for prolonged periods of time.

How to correct the "wet stacking" if it has occur?
The only way to correct a diesel engine if it has begun to wet stack is to load the engine for a couple of hours to burn off the excess fuel and clean up the engine. Diesel generator sets with electronically controlled engines or advance emission systems are less likely to wet stack. But all diesel engines will wet stack unfortunately, if operated for long periods of time below rated levels. This is the reason it is important to get the proper size and design of volvo diesel generators.

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